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About us


Wisdom is a product of experience. The lifestyle and more of a mind state for the brand is "to know yourself is to know your worth"... Hence the currency symbol as the "E"

The front-facing great horned owl, incorporated with a flame in its eyes, represents wisdom, focus, vision and longevity...

"My vision for my business is to create a global brand that is for everyone.. it will inspire others to be #be\X/IS€, to tell their story without having to "tale" it .. I want to run my own business with a fashion line that you will see in stores/boutiques all over, bringing a new outlook on life through fashion with QUALITY more than quantity. I plan on making this vision come true by taking the skills and knowledge I will acquire from this process and not only apply them to my work ethic, but to my everyday life and set that example for everyone around me. I know the world will soon follow; to #BE\X/IS€"

Keyano Fiel